Mission Maven Acquired by Uhuru

Who is Whitney?

Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help lifesaving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption.

Her 3 step process to amplifying the messages of health tech companies increases user engagement and drives customers to buy.

She translates difficult technology concepts into simple, approachable, and readable content for your ideal customer.


Let’s start from the beginning. Whitney was born with severe congenital aortic stenosis – a fact discovered by a hero of a pediatrician right before her parents were ready to take her home from the hospital.

If that doctor hadn’t taken the time to run a few extra tests, Whitney wouldn’t have survived past a few days old.

She was immediately rushed into surgery to save her life and since then has undergone two more open heart surgeries to keep her heart functioning properly.

Whitney with her grandma getting ready to leave the hospital after her first surgery.


Whitney’s life was saved on 3 occasions by incredible doctors and powerful technology. So when she sees life-saving technology disappearing before it reaches mass user adoption, she can’t handle it.

Brilliant people are inventing new tools everyday that can change, better, and extend the lives of millions. It’s time their message got out to the world.


Whitney is a writer. It’s in her bones. It started with those embarrassing elementary school poems that her mom never threw away and grew into a career that became a passion.

She spent some time teaching English in the U.S. and some time teaching English in China, but while she’ll always have a thing for misplaced modifiers, what she really likes to do is help digital health companies drive customers to buy.

Her career as a content strategist in a large corporation opened her eyes to the number of brands who are set to change the world, but have no idea how to leverage their content to make that happen.

She started specializing specifically on helping digital health companies develop the strategies and tools they need to achieve mass user adoption.


That little girl with a heart problem grew up, went to college, traveled the world, and met the most amazing man. Ever a sucker for fairytales, she married him, had two adorable kiddos, and is now living happily ever after.

Without the innovators who created powerful technology to diagnose heart problems, she never would have gotten the chance to live the beautiful life she’s been given. Each day is a gift.

And when she’s not helping clients drive their missions beyond the noise, you can find her cuddled in a comfy chair reading Peppa Pig books on repeat to her children.

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