Content Planning Message

4 Ideas to Cure Your Health Tech Marketing Woes

Struggling to figure out how to market your health tech startup? Your marketing should start with understanding your total addressable market, creating a strategy specifically for that market, and keeping strong relationships throughout healthcare.


3 Important Reasons Your Health Tech Startup Needs A Core Message

Your health tech startup needs a core marketing message that sums up your underlying why so you can reach the exact right customers. Using this message in all your digital marketing channels will help you drive leads to your virtual door.

Professional Growth

5 Remarkable Books Health Tech Marketers Need For Growth

Reading great books will help you hone your marketing skills. For health tech companies who want to practice growth marketing, here are my top 5 books for your 2019 reading list.

Content Distribution

The 5 Influencer Fundamentals Health Tech Startups Should Know

Should health tech and digital health companies use influencer marketing? The short answer is yes. The long answer is “it depends.”