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Why You Should Make Your Customer The Hero In 2019

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How can Thanksgiving be over and December already here…with the new year right on its heels? My mind is blown by how fast this year has gone.

New year, new you, right?

Here’s the thing, if you’ve got your marketing strategy right, you don’t need a new you. You just need to keep on doing what you’ve been doing.

But if your messaging is off, if your marketing is failing to reach your customer, you need to make a shift.

And the first shift that many health tech companies I work with need to make is making their customer the hero.

You’re not the center of your story.

I get it. Your founding story is fantastic. You started in a garage. You ate popcorn and ramen for 2.5 years. You bootstrapped. And the end result was this amazing company with this amazing tech.

Hate to break it to you, but your customer does not care.

If that’s the story you’re telling, no one will listen.

The person who should be at the center of your story is your customer. Every marketing campaign, every piece of content, every product you build should put them at the center.

Even more than putting them at the center, you need to make them the hero of the story.

Acknowledge how important they are, how what they do has value, that they are making a difference.

The other thing about heroes? They all have challenges.

And then highlight the challenge they face. In every great story, the hero faces a seemingly insurmountable problem. This problem is what drives them to action, and they have to find a solution to the problem – slay the dragon, defeat Sauron, etc.

For your customer, this challenge could be meeting performance metrics, lowering costs, improving an ROI. And more often than not, those external challenges lead to something more internal…fear of failure or imposter syndrome among others.

No matter the challenge, it can feel overwhelming and unbeatable.

Until they meet you.

You understand their challenge. You know what they’re facing because you’ve been there before.

You are their mentor…the Gandalf to their Frodo, the Obi-Wan Kenobi to their Luke Skywalker.

Every great hero needs someone to come alongside, guide them through their challenge and show them the path to success.

Every sales conversation you have, every marketing campaign you run should come from the place of advice-giver and mentor. Your whole goal is to make them successful.

Customer-centric companies win.

Amazon, Zappos, Salesforce, Hubspot…all the greats that put their customers at the center win.

The beauty of being customer-centric? Your customers tend to stick around…moving the needle on customer retention by a measly 5% can boost profits by 20%.

The thing to keep in mind, however, is that this customer-centricity has to extend beyond marketing. Yes, it starts there as you nurture your customer, but everyone – customer service, back office, sales – has to understand that the customer is at the center of what you do. Because even if you get them in with good marketing, you can lose them with poor customer service.

When you make your customer the hero, everything falls into place.

Your messaging, your on-going marketing campaigns – it will all start to come together.

To help you do this for 2019, I put together a short checklist that will help you clarify your message, put your customer front and center, and offer them continuous value through your marketing efforts.

Doing these three things will drive results for you in the new year. If you’ve been struggling to break your message through the noise in 2018, just a few small and inexpensive shifts in 2019 are going to make all the difference.

Sound helpful? I really hope so because the more healthcare tech companies we can make successful in 2019, the better for us all.

You can get your checklist by clicking the button below.

2019 marketing success

If you found this checklist helpful, please comment or send me an email whitney@themissionmaven.com. I’d love to hear how it changed your marketing in 2019.

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Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help life-saving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption. Learn more about her here.




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Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help life-saving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption. Learn more about her here.