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Health Tech’s Guide To Instagram Stories

Storytelling has connected both young, old and everyone in between for millennia. And while there’s a lot of kick-butt marketing tied to a compelling narrative, that’s not really what I’m here to talk about today.

What I really want to talk about is the evolution of storytelling via social media. In particular, Instagram stories. They’re are a unique, in-the-moment way to connect with ideal customers.

And since over 400 million daily users communicate with each other via this platform, health tech companies need to utilize this powerful marketing tool.

With all that in mind, I want to offer you my favorite tips and tricks to leverage Instagram marketing and outpace your competitors one relationship at a time.

1. Tell a story

From fables to fairytales, a narrative makes facts interesting and memorable. As a digital health startup, Instagram stories can help you communicate details or statistics in a way that your target audience will hear. The strength of this channel is that it communicates with potential buyers in everyday, down-to-earth language.

Used in the right way, you can leverage this platform to communicate what your audience may not know about your product, how your current customers achieved success, what your company’s values are, and, most importantly, what pain points you help customers solve.

In addition, stories give you the opportunity to educate your audience about the problems many are facing in health tech. The more they see their problem, they more interested they’ll be in the solution.

And best of all, you can use Instagram stories to engage with your audience. This channel really encourages interaction between the storyteller and the viewer. By asking questions or welcoming feedback on a topic, you can connect with your audience in ways that other platforms don’t allow for… but more on that later.

2. Make it personal

What I love about Instagram stories is that you not only get to share pictures, videos, and captions (like you could on Twitter or Facebook posts), but you also get a chance to give the backdrop leading up to these events.

Because of this, you can develop your stories in a way that distinguishes you from competitors. For instance, if you’re having a product launch or other special event, you can take followers behind the scenes so that they feel like they’re right there with you.

Or if your team is in the midst of everyday tasks, you can take them to the backstage of your company, showing them the work ethic, camaraderie, and personalities behind the product. One way to give viewers an inside look is to have employees do “take over days” where they post stories about their daily work life. Personal touches like these can boost your Instagram story views and brand awareness.

3. It takes two to tango…

And it takes at least two to connect on social media. If you’re on Insta-stories and you’re not interacting, you’re missing out on one of the best features of this platform. The Instagram designers created easy ways to get feedback through polls, questions, and quick emoji responses.

By using these features, you gain valuable information that can help you craft content your audience really cares about. Plus, it can even be a testing ground for new ideas that you release on other channels.

As a side note, don’t avoid CTAs on Instagram stories either. When you’re really engaging ideal customers with interactive content, they expect you to direct them to take the next steps. Especially in this instance, CTAs are a common courtesy to your customers.

The story platform gives you a non-invasive, non-pushy way to offer your product, as well. By embedding links, you can post a portion of the story and direct interested viewers to “swipe up” for more details. CTAs then become a part of the narrative, rather than a sales ploy.

4. Get creative and have fun

There’s just something about Instagram stories that elicits creativity and camaraderie. All posts are tied to some kind of backstory that makes photos and videos more interactive than traditional social media posts.

For instance, Instagram stories let you overlay GIFs onto your photos (often adding an extra element of humor or emotion to a stagnant picture). Plus, Instagram designers have developed super fun filters, adding an extra layer of pizzazz to would be blah moments.

All this to say, Insta-stories can be a lot of fun. But on the flip side, you need to make sure this creative content still adds value to people’s lives. You don’t want to be releasing a constant stream of spam that viewers avoid.

So make content eye-catching and valuable for ideal customers to interact with.

5. Inform your audience of sales or promos

Instagram stories only stay public for 24 hours so they’re a great way to inform viewers of time-sensitive promos or flash sales. Again, CTAs don’t have to be salesy. Simply suggest that your ideal customers click on a button or swipe up on a link to view the limited deal.

6. Share user-generated content

When it comes to Instagram feeds, you have a limited amount of posts per day before your profile starts to look spammy. This means that you can only re-post a few user-generated pictures if any at all.

However, Instagram stories allow you to distribute a lot of content without cluttering your feed as long as you make them interesting and compelling for your audience. And since stories disappear after a day, you can start each day afresh with new user-generated content. All this to say, stories are a great place to post viewer content that creates brand loyalty with your audience.

7. Be consistent

Figuring out your cadence for content creation and distribution is an important part of any marketing strategy. Even though Instagram stories are more relaxed, you need to be posting regularly enough to connect users with your core message.

Needless to say, once you start using Instagram stories, don’t stop. Building a following requires consistent posts that communicate the look and feel of your brand to your ideal customer. So decide on a cadence and stay current with the strategy you develop.

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