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How To Use Your Customer Avatar To Create Amazing Content

customer avatar ebook

Today is a big day. I’ve been working for months on producing my very first ebook to give you the know-how you need to create a customer avatar and messaging guide that works for you.

I’m really excited to offer this resource because there are so many health tech companies that need to know their customer so they can use that knowledge to help them create content and marketing campaigns that turn customers into champions.

But first, you need to know how to use this resource, and while I offer some explanation at the end of the ebook, I wanted to go into more detail here.

Turn your customers into champions

This ebook is going to teach you all about learning who your customer is and what motivates them to buy your technology. You’re going to use that information to create a message that speaks directly to your customer’s problem and how you solve it. To drive purchasing behavior with this message, you have to put this message in the right places.

Your website copy

Bake this message into your website, and try to get it above the fold on your homepage. (coming soon…a guide that helps you craft a website optimized for sales!!)

Your content marketing

Your customer avatar and messaging is going to be the basis for how you plan content. Use this avatar in conjunction with my content tree template to make content planning super simple.

Distribution strategies

Your customer avatar is also going to give you insight into where your customer hangs out. This will help you map the path your content needs to travel to reach your customers. Because the reality is, your customers aren’t looking for you…you need to be in front of them, on the channels they are on, with your message flashing in their face that you are here to solve their problem.

Marketing campaigns

Your customer avatar will help you determine the types of campaigns that will reach that customer, whether that’s traditional advertising strategies, a mix of digital and traditional, or something out-of-the-box entirely. Whatever your marketing strategies are, however, make sure your core message is part of each and every campaign.

Turn your sales team into superstars

Marketing and sales should work together. Share your customer avatar with your sales team…or better yet, work with them to create one. Once you’ve developed your avatar and message, use that message to create sales pitches, scripts, and demos that have your sales team closing deals left and right.

Understand who to target

Your customer avatar will help your sales team know the exact right outbound leads to target. Instead of taking a spray-and-pray approach to sales, they’ll have the knowledge they need to reach out to the people who need you most.

Send emails that get opened

When you use your message correctly, your sales team can send cold emails that don’t get buried in overflowing inboxes, but, rather, emails that grab your prospects attention and drive them to click.

Sales calls that don’t feel like sales calls

Once you understand your customer, their problem, and your message, your sales reps will be able to run sales calls that don’t feel like sales calls. Instead, customers will be able to share their struggles, and your sales rep will be able to offer the advice they need to solve those problems.

Attract the attention of investors

A great product or business idea doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to attract investors. But when you can show them you have a market with a problem, a great solution to that problem, and a message that inspires purchasing behavior, investors will be much more ready to part with their capital.

Deliver keynotes that drive leads

One of the best ways to reach a captive audience is with keynotes at networking events, trade shows, or industry conferences…but to do that you need to know your audience so you can present at the right events to the right people. Your customer avatar helps you do that, and your brand message will be the center of your keynote. Craft your presentation around the problem and three simple, actionable ways to solve that problem. Once you deliver your keynote, stand back and wait for the leads to come to you!

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

The Ultimate Digital Health Guide to Customer Avatars and Brand Messaging


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Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help life-saving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption. Learn more about her here.




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Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help life-saving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption. Learn more about her here.