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What Happens When Health Tech Companies Create The Wrong Content


Do you ever get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content online these days? It’s almost exhausting to scroll through a social media feed anymore.

If you feel that way, how do you think your customers feel when you try to put yet another blog post in front of them that they just don’t want to read?

Because, the reality is, when health tech companies create the wrong content, they’re only adding to the static…and what do we all do with a staticky phone or television or radio? Change the channel, turn it off, get rid of it.

Here’s what happens when you create the wrong content and a few ideas on how to fix it:

No one reads it

This is the most depressing thing ever for anyone creating content. I remember not so long ago I had a blog and I wrote really in depth blog posts about how to be a good writer…and NO ONE READ THEM (except my mom. And while she’s a great audience, she’s not my ideal customer. Sorry mom). That’s enough to make you give up on content right there.

Here was the problem: my ideal customer wasn’t someone who was aspiring to be a good writer. It was someone who founded or was leading a mission-driven company. They didn’t necessarily want to know how to become a successful freelance writer (which is the only thing I could think to write about before I started practicing what I preached and began using my content tree strategy).

What my my ideal customer wanted to know was how content could help them achieve mass adoption for their missions. I was creating great content but for the wrong people (more on that in a second).

The Fix

The solution to no one reading your content is to #1 go back and make sure you know who your ideal customer is. Nail down that customer avatar and it will be much easier to create the right content. And #2, discover your customer’s core challenge so you can create content that solves that challenge every time. Once you know what that challenge is, you can turn it into content that multiplies into several years worth of evergreen topics.


Want a cheatsheet that makes it easier to create mission-aligned content?

They reach the wrong people

When people other than my mom DID actually read those blogs I mentioned a minute ago it was mostly other writers who wanted to learn how to hone their skills. They were never going to purchase my services because they were selling the same thing. I was only reaching people who were just like me…and those are totally the wrong people to reach.

I see this happen often in health tech. Digital health companies are so mission driven and focused on changing the world or at least a piece of it that it’s really hard to learn how to speak a different language…the language of your customers. When they do create content, it’s for other mission-driven world changers like themselves…not the people who really need their tech to change their lives or improve their workday.

The Fix

Again, start by knowing exactly who your customer avatar is, and then develop the entire way of communicating with this person. Create a guide that helps you and your content creators learn how to talk to them, how to speak to their emotions, how to use language that helps them solve their problems. Marketing is about so much more than lead generation. It’s about connecting on a human level, providing value, and fulfilling a need. If you can use language to do that for your customer, you’ll reach the right people every time.

They send the wrong message

How can you send the right message if you don’t know what your message is? This was the problem I ran into personally. I didn’t take time to sit down and get to know my ideal customer, so I had no idea what message they needed to hear. And so every piece of content I created delivered the wrong message.

When digital health companies fall into the same trap, they often create their messaging around a list of features and benefits of their product, achievements they’ve accomplished, or how great their team is. While those are all good messages, they’re not the message your customer needs to hear.

The Fix

Your customer’s core challenge will help you determine the message you bake into your content each and every time. Understand their problem, understand how you solve it, and subtly weave that message into each blog post you write, each video you create, each infographic you design.

Their content doesn’t drive customers to buy

When you’re creating content that doesn’t even target your ideal customer, that doesn’t solve their problems, or that delivers the wrong message, you’ll struggle to motivate your customer to buy.

And that’s not ok. Because without customers adopting your tech, you’ll have difficulty keeping your health tech product on the market…no matter how much venture capital you have backing you up.

The Fix

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but if it helps get the point across, who cares?

  1. Know your customer.

  2. Discover their core challenge.

  3. Turn that challenge into content that solves your customer’s problems and adds value to their life.

So, how’s your content working for you? Is it motivating your customer to buy?

If not, I’ve got a really easy solution for you. I’ve created a simple way to discover your customer’s core challenge and the process to turn that challenge into a content tree of several years’ worth of mission-aligned topics.

And I want you to have it for free because my personal mission is to make sure as many health tech companies as possible get their message out to the world.

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Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help life-saving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption. Learn more about her here.




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Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help life-saving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption. Learn more about her here.