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Build your digital health marketing strategy today

Create a marketing plan that works.

Not seeing results from your marketing?

  • Wondering where all the customers are?
  • Does it seem like no one is listening?
  • Need to optimize content to your marketing and sales funnel?
  • Struggling to create a clear value prop?
  • Your sales team complains that you’re not sending them qualified leads?

We help digital health and health tech companies break their message through the noise.


Your customer should be at the center of your marketing. If they aren’t the hero, you’ve got the story wrong. We will help you learn about them, what their needs are, and what makes them successful so every piece of content you create adds value to their lives.


Unlock the secret to content that drives your customers to buy. Each piece of content you create should be targeted at a customer persona and a specific stage of the buyer’s journey. Haphazard content will get you nowhere. Strategic content gets you where you want to go.


An actionable marketing strategy gives you the power to deliver the results your board or CEO needs to see. Discover how to get your message and mission in front of the people who need to hear it most.

“I’d recommend [Whitney and team] to any health-tech startup looking to launch content marketing from scratch.”

— John Frager, former Head of Marketing at Welkin Health

Ready to create a results-driven content strategy for your digital health company?

Here’s how it works

During your strategy sessions we will…

  • Create or further build out your personas
  • Discover your core marketing message and the value you provide to your customers
  • Figure out the best places and ways to get in front of your ideal customer

What’s in your final marketing strategy?

  • Persona and market research to help you understand your customer
  • Content pillars
  • Content mapped into buyer journey
  • Content mapped by persona
  • Results-driven SEO audit and strategy
  • Marketing KPIs you should measure and steps to reach those KPIs
  • Distribution paths

Are you ready to get your world-changing mission in front of the people who need it most?

Did you know it can take 3-6 months to see results from your health tech marketing content?

That means to get your message out in 2020, you need to start today.

Whitney can help. Request a call with her and her team to get actionable advice you can use today.